NICU : Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Matri Bhavan Neonatology Departments ( fully  equipped with Ventilators, CPAP, LED Phototherapy, Radiant warmer, Multichannel Monitors ,   Syringe Pumps etc.) , manned by very experienced Neonatologists & Nursing Personnel and is maintaining Level –III Neonatal Care for the sick and debilitated new-born babies of the Indoor, which consists of NICU –I (for the seriously ill  neonates born in Matri Bhavan) and NICU –II ( for the neonates born outside and referred from outside with severe complications) . Neonates born at 27 weeks of pregnancy and with a birth weight of 1 Kg. and less have been successfully treated .Besides this we  have a 5 bedded Sick Baby Unit for the treatment (Phototherapy ) of sick newborns.

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